LiSA Curriculum

“The NFEC is delighted to enter into partnership with LiSA Initiative, an important contributor to the financial literacy movement.”

Vince Shorb, National Financial Educators Council (NFEC)


LiSA Initiative, sponsored by First Financial Security, Inc. offers financial literacy curriculum to help people achieve financial security and peace of mindLiSA Curriculum

Our LiSA Curriculum wouldn’t be possible without our partners at the National Financial Educators Council.  In 2015, LiSA Initiative joined forces with another leader in the fight against financial illiteracy in America – the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC). The two likeminded organizations have a common goal to help improve the lives of Americans through financial education.

While this partnership intends to bring financial education resources, workshops, and awareness programs to communities across the nation, their first collaboration was to develop a financial education curriculum, also known as LiSA Literacy Project.

Both LiSA and the NFEC brought their individual strengths to the table when they joined forces to create LiSA Literacy Project. The NFEC’s established financial education curriculum paired well with LiSA Initiative’s financial literacy coursework. The result is a curriculum that provides people with a solid financial education, focusing on practical money management skills, such as financial psychology, savings, budgeting, managing credit and reducing debt, loans, income, risk management, insurance, and more.

LiSA Initiative offers people from all walks of life the ability to have a financial education to make smarter money choicesBoth organizations know that when you provide people with this type of knowledge, they will make smart choices and decisions about their money. Understanding how money and finances work can put them on the path to a better financial future.

The next step was to better prepare the next generation of consumers. LiSA and the NFEC worked together again to develop a financial literacy curriculum for children. Designed for students from pre-K to high school, the coursework is a kid-friendly version of the track developed for adults.

Learning modules for both the adult and children’s LiSA curriculum can be taught in a variety of group settings – community outreach programs, churches, after-school centers, and others – by First Financial Security associates who are Certified Financial Education Instructors (CFEIs).

If you’re interested in finding a LiSA CFEI in your area, as well as more information on the LiSA Literacy Project curriculum, contact