First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) is a national brokerage agency that partners with some of the country’s leading insurance carriers. FFS equips, trains, and supports thousands of FFS Field Associates who are licensed to deliver quality financial products to households across America.

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The National Financial Educators Council is an independent financial literacy organization with a social enterprise business model. The NFEC supports individuals and organizations to deliver unbiased financial education, gain recognition, and achieve program sustainability. Social responsibility, conscious capitalism, and free enterprise are the fundamental principles that underpin the NFEC’s teachings and business model.

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Fraser Net

FraserNet, Inc. is a principle-centered global leadership network focused on economic development through education, training and empowerment for Black people. The organization’s focus is to train, educate and equip Black people with new skills, new thinking, and new approaches for personal, professional and financial success in the 21st Century.

Dr. George C. Fraser, the organization’s chairman and CEO, founded FraserNet more than 25 years ago with the vision to lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources to increase opportunities for people of African descent.

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Black Wealth Alliance is made of First Financial Security, Inc. representatives

Proverbs 13:22 – “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.”

The Black Wealth Alliance (BWA) is a self-described “army of seasoned, principled, and savvy business leaders committed to creating and transferring wealth in the black community.” The BWA has identified the major challenges facing the community today as poverty, income disparity. and a lack of generational wealth. The organization sees the power of financial education to combat these problems.

The Black Wealth Alliance has issued a national call to action for African-Americans and other members of the African Diaspora to create and transfer wealth to their children’s children for mere pennies on the dollar. In partnership with LiSA Initiative, sponsored by First Financial Services, Inc., and the M.O.S.E.S. Movement, the BWA strives to keep its customers educated, inspired, and empowered.

Its mission is to create the world’s largest strategic alliance of individuals and organizations committed to providing the education, training, and tools for building and sustaining inter-generational wealth in the black community.

The Black Wealth Alliance says it will consider its mission fulfilled when every African-American has the education, tools and plan in place to leave an inheritance to his or her children’s children.

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MOSES Movement has partnered with First Financial Security, Inc. and LiSA Initiative to bring financial education to families

Created by Dr. George C. Fraser, the M.O.S.E.S. Movement was designed to improve financial literacy and money management skills among African-Americans. The movement’s acronym stands for Making Ourselves Economically Successful, and it provides education, training, and motivation to help people change their financial futures for the better.

The cornerstone of the organization is “the pledge.” In joining the M.O.S.E.S. Movement, people pledge to follow the 10 Commitments for Financial Freedom and commit to saving at least $50 per month.

The movement’s education and training focus is on budgeting, credit, savings, investing, home ownership, and potential income. M.O.S.E.S. is committed to building and supporting minority businesses.

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Sisters for Sisters is a women's movement that has partnered with LiSA Initiative for financial education and empowerment of women

Sisters 4 Sisters Network inspires, motivates, teaches, encourages, and supports our sisters in ways, until now, were unimaginable. We strive to motivate women toward developing their minds, bodies, and spirits through social and spiritual collaboration with other women.

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Men Aiming Higher is a partner of LiSA Initiative

Men Aiming Higher is a broad-based collaborative initiative to improve the lives of young people, mentoring them as they complete their education and achieve economic self sufficiency through the development of empowerment skills and meaningful employment. Men Aiming Higher strives to energize and encourage positive self-esteem and life values on which to build a successful and productive life.

Executive womens Institute

The Executive Women’s Success Institute (EXWSI) seeks to empower individuals, primarily women, in their career, business and personal lives by providing them with a fast track, yet comprehensive toolkit of lifetime skills and abilities.Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is the President/CEO of the Executive Women’s Success institute. Through her proprietary 8 Habits of Highly Successful Women system, she helps clients tap into the centers of influence that will help move their careers forward with purpose, passion and their unique brand of success. A Career Strategist, Business Consultant, Financial Educator, Dr. Lewis’ research and interests focus on leadership, women’s issues, business development and getting the importance of financial literacy across to women. Contact Dr. Lewis at info@exwsi.com.


HOCS offers mission critical business solutions and customized growth strategies to its clients in the areas of Strategic Business Solutions, Financial Consulting, Writing & Communications, and Events Management. The firm is focused on delivering capacity building resources to strengthen key facets of a business’ infrastructure. HOCS’ solutions include implementing strategic plans developed from extensive research and coordination with its expansive network of professionals and funds. HOCS Financial Division maintains a diverse portfolio of national and international projects and has more than 25 years of deep experience and established relationships with private investors and banks. Quality is at the core of its business success and excellence is the standard that enables its clients to achieve measurable outcomes in customer satisfaction, enhanced performance and increased profits.

LTC Literacy Academy_sm

LTC Literacy Academy offers a paid training and scholarship program to qualified recipients. At the Literacy Academy, training curriculum and workshops are offered on all levels, including financial education, personal development, public speaking, business development, and career advancement opportunities for both women and men. These classes aim to promote financial security and the success of individuals and business owners throughout the community.