About Us

LiSA Initiative and First Financial Security, Inc. are committed to offering financial education to all people

“It began with an idea and a need. In April 2013, seven women came together to share their ideas and experiences with the goal of empowering women from all walks of life to learn about finances and get into position to win.” -Debbie Gerlicher, Co-CEO and Chair, LiSA Initiative

About Us

LiSA Initiative is a grassroots movement created by First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS), a national brokerage agency located in northern Atlanta., GA. Launched in 2015 after a successful pilot program, LiSA Initiative addresses the financial concerns that women and their families experience every day in this country. To answer these challenges, LiSA is bringing financial literacy to Americans and the communities where they live and work.

LiSA Initiative aims to help all people take control of their future through financial education. 

LiSA Initiative is First Financial Security’s financial literacy program, providing financial education, training, and mentoring to anyone who needs or wants it. LiSA partners with other likeminded individuals and organizations to combat the growing problem of financial illiteracy in America. One of these collaborations is with the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), a well-respected organization that private-labeled LiSA’s financial education curriculum. Known as LiSA Literacy Project, this financial literacy campaign offers two tracks – one for adults and the other for children from pre-K to high school.

LiSA Initiative In Action – Community Outreach

One of the best tools for introducing financial education classes is through community outreach. LiSA encourages First Financial Security associates who meet certain requirements to earn their Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) license. This professional designation can be obtained through an online course provided by the NFEC. If an FFS associate gets his or her license through LiSA Initiative and its relationship with the NFEC, they gain the privilege of teaching the LiSA Literacy Project curriculum in their communities.

Financial literacy and empowerment go hand-in-hand and are key to accomplishing our vision – to help all people achieve financial security and peace of mind. Gaining a financial education is only one step toward building a better financial future. Access to innovative financial products and an empowering entrepreneurial opportunity are also important.

First Financial Security Offers Access to Financial Products and Entrepreneurial Opportunity

By becoming an FFS associate, a person receives the tools and training, as well as a step-by-step system, for building his or her own independent FFS business.  Once he or she is insurance licensed, he/she has access to innovative financial products offered by some of the industry’s top carrier providers, many of whom have had long-standing relationships with FFS.

Together, First Financial Security and LiSA Initiative are changing the face of insurance in underserved communities throughout the country.